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White Shaker Cabinets: A Beautiful Blank Canvas

3 Popular Kitchen Styles Created with a Single Iconic Cabinet

So you've decided on White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets or maybe you've acquired them with your new home purchase. Either way, you're in good company! White Shaker Cabinetry has been the go-to standard for kitchen designers, home builders, remodelers, homeowners, and anyone looking to update a kitchen before they sell their home. The true beauty of the White Shaker is its versatility. They can be dressed up or down and pair well with almost anything; this fact truly is amazing. If your realtor has advised a white shaker remodel and you're still on the fence or you just want some design inspiration to style your own white shaker cabinets, keep reading to learn what White Shakers Cabinets can do for you!

Even if you're not a huge fan of the white shaker cabinet, it truly is a cabinet that appeals to the masses. To help put this in perspective, Prefinished Cabinets has 8 different White Shaker Cabinet Styles available in-stock all of the time. Why so many? They are our top selling cabinet. Each style is just a little different to suite your needs and design preferences. And, I don't ever want to tell someone we can't get White Shaker Cabinets... We have options.

I'll be honest, White Shakers are not my favorite cabinet style, but if I were going to remodel a kitchen to help quickly sell my home, I wouldn't think twice... White Shakers Are a Safe Bet. Some people think they are Plain, Simple, and Boring. Lets rephrase this to get a better understanding of their almost universal appeal... White Shakers are Clean, Simple, and Easy to Style. What some people view as a boring cabinet choice others embrace as a Beautiful Blank Canvas that is ready to be styled and adorned with your favorite choices of flooring, wall paint, cabinet hardware, and lighting fixtures. Take a look at some different kitchens below to see how easily these cabinets transform in a variety of design and style situations.

Modern Farmhouse White Shaker Kitchen

This modern take on a farmhouse kitchen can be easily created in your own home. The key to success is keeping everything simple, clean, and minimal. Going overboard when trying to achieve this style can easily turn into too much of a good thing. You don't even need a farmhouse sink to get this look.

Easily Create this Modern Farmhouse Look with the Following Design Features:

  1. Pick a neutral paint color that is on-trend, timeless, and versatile. Maybe Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Grey?

  2. Clean white decorative backsplash tile is paired with light Quartz countertops. This continues with the clean design theme while adding visual interest that is not too over-the-top.

  3. Don't mix your metals. Stainless appliances always look great with any type of modern design. The satin nickel finish of these simple but substantial cabinet pulls pairs well with the appliances and coordinating pull-down faucet.

  4. Add a bit of warmth with wood tones. Hardwood floors and wooden barstools match the farmhouse style light fixture, a single statement piece that really ties the room together.

  5. Keep accents and accessories clean and not too busy. Repeating clear glass elements make this kitchen shine; notice the light shades of the kitchen island lighting, glass display cabinet doors, and glass vase. Dishes, a canister set, and a KitchenAid stand mixer all in white are beautiful display accessories that don't distract from this modern farmhouse design. This look is completed with just a few pops of natural greenery.

Classic White Shakers with Champagne Gold Accents

This fresh and on-trend shaker style is pretty easy to accomplish. If you already have a white shaker kitchen, you may be closer than you think. Let's pick out the individual elements to see what it really takes to get this look dialed in.

This White Shaker Kitchen with Champagne Gold Accents is Created as Follows:

  1. Pick a clean light grey paint color. We've personally had great results with Kelly-Moore Slow Perch, a true neutral grey tone that is not too warm or cold. Pro Tip: It's true for any paint color, but especially greys... always preview the color in your own home at different times of the day and under the lights that you will actually be using. You may be surprised how shifty a single color can be under different lighting conditions.

  2. Pick a backsplash and countertop that coordinates with both the cabinets and wall color. This white and grey Carrara style countertop and herringbone backsplash are classic options that get the job done in style.

  3. Continue the grey theme with shiny stainless appliances. It should go without saying, but matching metal tones of your stainless appliances is a must. If you don't buy all of your appliances at the same time as a coordinating set, be sure to pick out stainless finishes that will match one another. This particular kitchen has a contrasting grey center island, a design element that is a nice touch, but not a requirement to achieve this look. This kitchen features a stainless range hood cover; a white wood cover to coordinate with the cabinets would be equally effective.

  4. Traditional hardwood floors... You really can't go wrong with the warm walnut wood tones. The variegated brown tones of this natural floor coordinate with the island barstools; they might look a bit out of place otherwise. Many flooring styles could work in this kitchen design, but we really love the darker tones that ground the space and create a contrast with the bright white kitchen cabinets.

  5. Go for the Gold! Champagne Gold cabinet pulls, kitchen faucet, and a matching pot filler all tie in with coordinating champagne gold light fixtures over the island. It is important for any of these metallic elements to match throughout your kitchen. Consider making door knobs and levers match as well, especially if your doors are painted white and coordinate with your cabinetry. This consistent use of the champagne gold throughout your space creates an intentional contrast that is key to this polished style.

  6. Add simple accents. To complete this look, make sure items displayed in your kitchen don't distract from your beautiful new hardware, it needs to remain the star of the show. This kitchen has grey and white dishes on display as well as a grey KitchenAid stand mixer and some simple floral greenery.

Simple and clean modern white shaker kitchen with stainless appliances and dark countertops.
The Vermont White Shaker Pre-Assembled Quick-Shio Cabinets are Made in America and are available in our most popular cabinet sizes.

Modern Shaker Style

Now let's be clear, this is not an ultra modern kitchen with Eurostyle cabinets, but this kitchen design has really made the most of some modern styling techniques that you can incorporate into your own kitchen. Be sure to pay attention if you are still in the process of designing your kitchen as some of these techniques require you to plan your space appropriately.

This Modern Shaker Kitchen Design can be Created as Follows:

  1. Select a crisp light grey paint color. Try Benjamin Moore Metropolitan.

  2. Design your shaker cabinets with no frills. Simple and clean style is important when creating this modern space. Notice the kitchen island back and cabinet sides are all sleek and smooth. This kitchen is no place for fancy trim. If you simply must have crown molding, opt for a straight crown that does not have curvy details. Select cabinets that are visually horizontal. This kitchen has multiple drawer base cabinets that add horizontal elements to the space and help it achieve a more modern feel.

  3. Select a backsplash that is a clean slate with clean lines. There is a good reason these traditional white subway tiles are a popular choice for so many spaces.

  4. Dark countertops create a sharp modern contrast. It is also worth noting that the dark countertops coordinate with the dark center of the microwave door and the electronic panel of the refrigerator. If this is an accidental design element, it is a happy one.

  5. Coordinate your metallic finishes. We think some type of silver tone is a must here. Select a modern faucet style; polished chrome, satin nickel, or stainless... pick your favorite style and keep running with that color. Your cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures should match your faucet. When you install your cabinet pulls, you will notice they create continued horizontal elements on your drawer base cabinets and add to your modern style.

  6. Select coordinating appliances. Stainless appliances will easily look great with your silver tone hardware choices. Alternately, you could select a dark stainless appliance finish that would coordinate with dark countertops, so you've got a few options here. Just make sure your appliances finishes match and pay attention to appliance handles. We like to select cabinet pulls that look similar to our appliance handles. This creates an even cleaner coordinated style.

  7. Add some decorative accents. You've kept everything else super clean, so now you can display some gorgeous accents, just make sure you don't add too much clutter. In this kitchen, some wooden cutting boards and cooking utensils bring out the natural brown tones of the hardwood floors while some shiny silver details are repeated with the tea kettle, scale, and graters. This kitchen style could easily accommodate a colored glass display as well (I love colored glass). Once again, a simple green plant adds a finishing touch of color.

There you have it... 3 completely different kitchen styles all achieved with simple White Shaker Cabinets. If you are in the kitchen planning stages or looking to restyle your own white shaker kitchen, I hope you found some design inspiration and tips to help you on your journey. If you are in the market for kitchen cabinets, please feel free to take advantage of our absolutely Free Kitchen Design Service - This is available for both homeowners and contractors and allows you to see your kitchen before you buy... no guesswork involved. Prefinished Cabinets specializes in creating Beautifully Functional Kitchens - We would love to help you create yours!


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