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The Top 10 Prefab Kitchen Cabinets of 2023

Who says you can't achieve the allure of a custom kitchen on a budget? As 2023 comes to a close, the world of prefab kitchen cabinets continues to redefine what's possible in home design. This post is your gateway to discovering the latest and greatest in solid wood prefab cabinet styles that promise both style and affordability.

Dive into the trends, draw inspiration, and set the stage for your very own budget-friendly dream kitchen. It's time to redefine what's possible in kitchen design without compromising on style, features, or your buudget. Let's explore the top 10 all wood prefab cabinet styles of 2023 and elevate your space affordably.

Bright White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Open Shelves
Designer White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | RTA & Assembled Cabinets

1. Designer White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Step into the heart of modern elegance with our Designer White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets—a style that effortlessly merges contemporary flair with timeless charm. Imagine a kitchen that seamlessly combines clean lines and sophistication with a touch of traditional warmth. In this on-trend kitchen, double stacked cabinets on the range wall create a modern focal point, while elevated wall cabinets with wood tone open shelves bring in a transitional touch. The kitchen peninsula, complete with island-style bar seating, serves as a hub of functional beauty. The color palette is a masterpiece—a canvas of white marble-style countertops, a medium/light ocean blue subway tile backsplash, and medium/dark aged walnut color flooring. The cabinets, adorned with a simple crown molding detail and decorative doors, elevate the entire space, creating a custom, polished look.

What makes our Designer White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets so sought after? It's the versatility and enduring appeal. The Shaker-style doors with a touch of crown molding exude classic charm, while the thoughtful design elements like double stacked cabinets and elevated wall cabinets add a contemporary edge. The marriage of white cabinetry with wood tone accents, coupled with the carefully chosen materials, allows you to create a kitchen that not only looks stunning but adapts to your unique style. Join the ranks of those who've fallen for the balance of modern sophistication and timeless warmth embodied by this cabinet style—a favorite for crafting kitchens that are both on-trend and enduringly chic.


Light Grey Shaker Cabinets in a Large Contemporary Kitchen
Designer Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets | RTA & Assembled Cabinets

2. Designer Light Grey Shaker Kitchen

Introducing our Designer Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets—a stunning choice that brings a breath of fresh air to modern kitchen design. The clean, light grey painted finish is not just on-trend; it's a statement of sophistication that effortlessly stands on its own, imparting a sense of spaciousness without overpowering the room. Picture a generously sized kitchen where every detail mirrors the elegance of custom cabinets, including a matching wood range hood cover, double oven, and built-in refrigerator. The centerpiece is a substantial center island, complete with a kitchen sink and dishwasher, providing a hub for culinary creativity. Additional countertop space for food prep or serving holiday meals adds both practicality and style.

In this expansive kitchen, the color palette is a play of light and brightness. Bright white marble-style countertops complement the Designer Light Grey Shaker cabinets flawlessly, creating a contemporary and open atmosphere. Satin nickel bar pull hardware adds a touch of modern refinement, while clear glass pendant light fixtures cast a warm glow, making the space both inviting and efficient. The result is a kitchen that not only meets but exceeds expectations, embodying the perfect fusion of functionality, style, and modern appeal.


Bright White Shaker Quick Ship Cabinets in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Sonoma White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | QUICK-Ship RTA & Assembled Cabinets

3. Sonoma White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Introducing the Sonoma White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets—a popular choice that has captured the hearts of many, thanks to its unbeatable combination of affordability and top-notch quality features. Known for its entry-level price point, this solid wood cabinet doesn't compromise on excellence, offering solid wood cabinet boxes, dovetail drawers, and the convenience of soft-close doors and drawers. Notably, the Sonoma White Shaker is a star in our QUICK-Ship collection, ensuring swift elegance with RTA cabinets ready to ship in about 3 days and fully assembled options in just 7 days.

In the showcased kitchen, the Sonoma White Shaker cabinets set the stage for a spacious modern farmhouse design that's both inviting and functional. The conversational center island serves as the heart of the space, creating a focal point for socializing. This large kitchen seamlessly incorporates multiple work areas, decorative glass door cabinets, and a well-thought-out built-in refrigerator design. The bright white cabinets pair elegantly with white quartz countertops, while satin nickel bar pull handles complement stainless appliances throughout the kitchen. Warm light wood tone floors add a touch of coziness, and a decorative island light fixture with matching wood tones ties the entire space together. With the Sonoma White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, you're not just getting style—you're investing in quality, affordability, and a design that stands the test of time.


Dark grey maple stained kitchen cabinets in a chic modern open concept kitchen.  Glass front cabinets, and stylish hardware and lighting choices lend a feminine feel to these masculine grey shaker cabinets.
Pacific White & Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | RTA & Assembled Semi-Custom Cabinets

4. Pacific White Shaker & Pacific Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Introducing the Pacific White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, seamlessly paired with the Pacific Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets on the center island—a dynamic combination that defines sophistication and versatility. The Pacific Cabinet Collection, offering a Semi-Custom approach, allows for select modifications such as custom depth cabinets and glass door cabinets in any available size. Dive into the world of semi-custom design, where the Pacific collection provides ample prefinished cabinet components, allowing on-site customizations to shape a kitchen that's truly one-of-a-kind.

In this radiant kitchen, bright white cabinets and countertops create an atmosphere of light and warmth. Light wood floors, accompanied by coordinating open accent shelves, add a touch of natural elegance. A matching wood hood, expertly constructed on-site, elevates the space with a bespoke touch. The center island, crafted with Pacific Grey Shaker cabinets, not only offers a large work area but also serves as a focal point with seating for four. Modern bowl pendant lights cast a warm glow, contributing to the inviting ambiance. Natural elements, including a touch of greenery, along with a large window above the sink, seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors, creating a kitchen space that is as inviting as it is functional.


Dark Grey Shaker Cabinets with White Oak Cabinets Contrasting Center Island
Pacific Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | RTA & Assembled Semi-Custom Cabinets

5. Pacific Dark Grey Shaker

Step into modern elegance with our Pacific Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, a Semi-Custom option that has become a favorite for those seeking to create trendy and sophisticated dark grey kitchens. In this on-trend kitchen, the dark grey cabinets take center stage, providing a bold and contemporary backdrop. The design embraces a harmonious balance of warm neutral tones, from the stained concrete floors to the light beige, white, and grey hues in the brick backsplash. Coordinating colors in the granite countertops add a touch of luxury to the space.

A striking contrast is introduced with the center island, featuring light natural wood tones that perfectly complement the decorative open accent shelves. The warm champagne gold faucet and bar-style cabinet pulls add a touch of glamour to the overall aesthetic. For those inspired to replicate this captivating design, explore our Century White Oak Kitchen Cabinets, Metro Sliced Walnut Kitchen Cabinets, Legacy Cabin Oak Kitchen Cabinets, or Aspen Pecan Shaker Kitchen Cabinets for accent cabinetry that seamlessly coordinates with the Pacific Dark Grey Shaker style. Embrace the beauty of dark grey kitchens with this stunning cabinet option that effortlessly combines sophistication and on-trend design.


Glossy White Full Access Frameless Kitchen Cabinets with Glossy Grey Accent Cabinets
Legacy High Gloss White Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets | RTA Cabinets

6. Legacy High Gloss White Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets

Introducing the Legacy High Gloss White Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets—a sleek and sophisticated addition to any modern kitchen. This European-style cabinet boasts full-access, frameless construction, combining quality-built solid wood design with contemporary flair. Whether used as a standalone option or paired with coordinating colors from the versatile Legacy Cabinet Collection, this cabinet style adds a touch of European elegance to your space.

The Legacy High Gloss White cabinets showcase modern slab-style doors, creating a clean and seamless aesthetic with an easy-to-clean glossy white finish. Upgraded aluminum drawers with integrated soft-close slides ensure smooth and quiet operation, adding a level of refinement to the overall design. Soft-close doors further enhance the user experience.

In this particular kitchen, the Legacy High Gloss White cabinets take center stage, offering a clean and bright backdrop. A dark grey contrasting peninsula not only adds visual interest but also provides additional seating and storage, creating a dynamic focal point. The design is further elevated with a built-in refrigerator wall seamlessly created using a tall pantry cabinet and a built-in oven cabinet. The Legacy High Gloss White Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets exemplify the perfect marriage of modern aesthetics and functional design, making them a standout choice for those who appreciate contemporary sophistication.


Dark Navy Blue Cabinets in a Trendy Kitchen with White Countertops and Gold Bar Pulls
Sierra Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets | RTA & Assembled Cabinets

7. Sierra Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Elevate your kitchen with the Sierra Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets—solid wood cabinets that boast a rich navy blue painted finish, embodying a trend that seamlessly combines boldness with sophistication. In this captivating kitchen, the dark blue cabinets take center stage, creating a statement piece that is as easy to love as it is on-trend. Paired with bright white marble-style countertops and backsplash, a pristine farmsink, and white walls and trim, this design beautifully dispels the notion that darker cabinets make a room feel small or overwhelmed.

Strategically utilizing bright whites on countertops, backsplash, sink, walls, and trim throughout the room ensures an open and inviting atmosphere, complemented by ample natural window light. Bright stainless appliances further contribute to the sense of space and balance with the dark blue hue. To enhance visual appeal, a custom range hood in a matching blue tone is accented with gold trim details, tying in seamlessly with the gold hardware and faucet. Warm wood tones in the flooring and light wood barstools coordinate effortlessly with the gold accents, culminating in a perfectly polished design. The Sierra Dark Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets offer a striking yet balanced look, making them an ideal choice for those who crave both boldness and refinement in their kitchen design.


Black Shaker Kitchen Island with a Waterfall Edge Countertop Paired with White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
Mesa Onyx Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | RTA Cabinets

8. Mesa Onyx Black Kitchen Cabinets

Introducing the Mesa Onyx Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets—a versatile and bold choice that can stand alone or serve as a captivating accent alongside coordinating cabinetry, allowing you to curate a stunning two-tone kitchen design. In this showcase kitchen, a black shaker kitchen island takes center stage, adorned with a modern waterfall edge countertop. The sleek and matching Mesa White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets grace the remaining kitchen space, offering a cohesive yet dynamic aesthetic.

This refined design goes beyond the ordinary, incorporating dramatic undercabinet lighting effects that add a touch of sophistication. The use of gold hardware and fixtures throughout brings a sense of luxury and warmth to the modern setting. Built-in appliances seamlessly integrate into the cabinetry, contributing to the sleek and uncluttered appearance. The Mesa Onyx Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets provide the perfect canvas for a modern look, allowing you to explore the artistry of two-tone design and create a kitchen space that is both stylish and functional.


White Shaker Kitchen with Warm Wood Cabinet Accent Island
Aspen Pecan Shaker & White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | RTA Cabinets

9. Aspen Pecan Shaker & White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Experience the enduring allure of the Aspen Pecan Shaker Kitchen Cabinets alongside the Aspen White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, an exquisite pairing that captures the essence of contemporary design. Witness the resurgence of wood tones as they take center stage, gracing a meticulously crafted wood-accented island that harmonizes seamlessly with the surrounding elements—be it the wood ceiling beams, accent shelves, or the inviting wood flooring.

Within this expansive kitchen, the timeless charm of white shaker cabinets sets the stage for an open and luminous ambiance. The wood accent island, a focal point of warmth and sophistication, effortlessly complements the surrounding natural elements. To enhance both functionality and visual appeal, strategically placed stacked cabinetry on the countertops provides a practical solution for storage, contributing to an aesthetic that seamlessly blends modernity with timeless elegance. This kitchen design stands as a testament to the artful interplay of wood tones and painted cabinets, creating a kitchen space that defines versatility and enduring beauty.


Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchen with Walnut European Style Cabinets and White Accent Cabinets
Legacy Walnut Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets | RTA Cabinets

10. Stacked Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Style

In response to the resurgence of wood tone cabinetry, the Legacy Walnut Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets have become a sought-after choice, particularly for those aiming to recreate nostalgic kitchens with a Midcentury Modern flair. Boasting warm wood tones characterized by an even and predictable grain pattern exclusive to manmade products, these cabinets offer a unique blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary practicality. Beyond their visual appeal, these cabinets are a testament to durability and ease of maintenance. The manmade wood grain-patterned doors are not only easy to clean but also resistant to warping or cracking—eliminating the challenges associated with traditional wood slab doors.

In this distinctive kitchen, the Legacy Walnut Euro-style cabinets take center stage, infusing the space with inviting warmth. Paired with white wall accent cabinets, this combination seamlessly integrates with the surrounding white walls. Bright white countertops introduce a sense of airiness, while a playful blue geometric backsplash tile, complemented by white grout, weaves a delightful and harmonious color narrative. To add an unexpected flair, contrasting toe kick trim pieces from the Legacy Cabinet Collection offer a creative touch to the overall design, making these modern cabinets a timeless choice for a kitchen that exudes both style and practicality.


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