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Finance Your Kitchen Cabinets and Turn Your Project Into Easy Monthly Payments.  Through Our Partner, Enhancify, You Can Enjoy 0% Interest Financing up to 21 Months (WAC) or Other Competitive Rates.
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Kitchen Cabinet Financing
Get Multiple Offers in Minutes

Enjoy Your Dream Kitchen Now with Affordable Monthly Payments

Prefinished Cabinets has Partnered with Enhancify to Offer You an Easy Online Platform to Access Multiple Finance Offers All in One Place.  Choose From Promotional Credit Card Offers Including 0% Intro APR for up to 21 Months or Offers for Unsecured Loans Starting at 7.99% APR.  Enhancify Connects You with their Network of Lenders for All Credit Types and Never Takes a One-Size-Fits-All Approach.  Pick the Lending Option that's Right for You and Turn Your Remodeling Project into an Easy Monthly Payment You Can Afford.

A young couple sits in their living room and discusses their finances and budget.  Prefinished cabinets has partnered with Enhancify to offer you multiple financing options for your kitchen cabinets so you can pick an offer that is right for you.  Enhancify has lenders that work with all credit types and even has promotional credit offers including 0% Intro APR offers for up to 15 months.

Pick Financing Options that are Right For You

Get Multiple Offers All in One Place.  No Need to Shop Around for the Best Rates; Enhancify will Match You with Multiple Lenders and Competitive Offers to Help You Turn Your Remodeling Dream Into a Reality.

  • 0% APR Intro Offer up to 21 Months Credit Scores 700+

  • Unsecured Loans Starting at 7.99% APR

  • Loans up to $250,000 - Terms From 1-7 Years

  • Multiple Lenders that Work with All Credit Types

0% Financing for Kitchen Cabinets up to 15 Months.  Apply Now - All Projects are Welcome!

Financing Frequently Asked Questions


Financing your cabinets or kitchen remodeling project could be beneficial for a variety of reasons. ‣Turn a Large Purchase Into a Fixed Monthly Payment ‣Preserve Your Family's Savings Instead of Spending it on a Single Project ‣Benefit From the Completion of a Home Renovation Quickly


1. Submit Your Application through Our Enhancify Partner Website 2. Review Your Instant Offers and Choose One that Works Best for You 3. Finalize Your Application with Your Selected Lender 4. Receive Funding Typically in 1-5 Days (Can Vary Based on Your Selected Financing Product)


Enhancify is an online financing marketplace that specializes in connecting you with multiple lenders and multiple competitive financing offers all in one place. Since financing should not take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, Enhancify gives you the ability to compare a variety of lenders quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. With multiple lenders that work with all credit types, Enhancify's technology gives you quick access to instant pre-approved offers. Just select an offer that's right for you and complete your application directly with the lender of your choice.


Prefinished Cabinets knows that kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodeling projects are some of the most expensive project types that a homeowner can encounter. While some cabinet companies may be able to offer financing, we feel it is important to give you a variety of financing choices that are specifically suited for home improvement projects. Enhancify does just that. Their online platform specializes in connecting you with a variety of lending options for kitchen remodeling projects, bathroom remodeling, or any type of home improvement project. Visit our Enhancify partner website to learn more and start your application process.


Visit Our Enhancify Partner Website to ‣Start Your Application and Get Instant Offers ‣Read More FAQs ‣Calculate Monthly Payments

Financing for Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Remodels.  Home Improvement Funding up to $100,000 - We Finince All Credit Types.  Find Best Deal - All Projects are Welcome!
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