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What Is Basic Kitchen Pricing?

What Is A 10 x 10 Kitchen?

Basic Kitchen Pricing, Also Known As 10x10 Kitchen Pricing, Is the Most Common and Most Accurate Way For You to Compare Cabinet Style Prices.  This system can be used to compare cabinet pricing from a variety of cabinet styles and retailers.  The Basic 10x10 Kitchen Concept is Based on a Small Kitchen With 20 Linear Feet of Wall Space and Should Represent a Total Price For The Following Specific Cabinets - For Comparison Purposes, These Should Be The Most Basic Options Available.

  • 42" Blind Base Cabinet

  • 36" Sink Base Cabinet

  • 09" Base Cabinet

  • 30" Base Cabinet

  • 09"W x 30"H Wall Cabinet

  • 15"W x 30"H Wall Cabinet

  • 2 - 30"W x 30"H Wall Cabinets

  • 30"W x 12"H Wall Cabinet

  • 36"W x 12"H Wall Cabinet

  • 3" Base Filler

  • 2 - 3"W x 30"H Wall Fillers

  • Dishwasher Panel With 3" Return


We Realize Your Kitchen Will Likely be Different and Include Additional Standard Pieces Such As Trim; This Price Simply Allows You to Compare a Variety of Cabinet Styles 'Apples to Apples.'  While This Kitchen Comparison Method is The Most Accurate, It Can Only Really Be Used To Determine Which Cabinet Style Costs More or Less.  Many People Find This Helpful, but Still Need More Info to Figure Out About How Much Their Kitchen Will Cost.  The Only Way to Get A True Cost For Your Unique Kitchen Is to Send Us Your Measurements!


A young woman stands in her basic kitchen and looks around thinking about installing more kitchen cabinets.  She is thinking about her dream kitchen and wondering how much her kitchen cabinets will cost.


How Much Will My Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

So You Don't Have A 10x10 Kitchen

How Much Will My Kitchen Cost?

The Correct Answer Is:

There Is No Way To Know Exactly How Much Your Kitchen Will Cost Without Calculating By Your Exact Kitchen Measurements.  However, If You Need To Figure Out Your Kitchen Budget, You Can Use The Following Examples to Get a 'Ballpark' Price for Your 'Basic' Kitchen Cabinets.  This Will Be An Estimate of The Simplest Version of Your Kitchen.

Please Note: The Following Information Will Help You Calculate Basic Cabinets by Linear Feet of Wall Space.  This Will Include Basic Cabinets Similar to 10x10 Kitchen Pricing and Will Not Factor In More Expensive Features Such as Lazy Susans, Pantry Cabinets, Crown Moulding, Multiple Drawer Base Cabinets, etc...  If Your Kitchen Will Include These Types of Features, You Will Need to Estimate More.  Please Look at the Following Example and Apply This Method to the Linear Wall Space of Your Kitchen Cabinets.


Frank and Janet are remodeling their kitchen.  They have looked at 10x10 kitchen pricing and have decided they like the White Shaker Cabinets, but their kitchen is a little larger than a 10x10.  Frank Measured a total of 27 linear feet of wall that will have both upper and lower cabinets (including sink, refrigerator, dishwasher and range).  Frank knows that the basic 10x10 kitchen includes 30" tall upper cabinets, but Janet wants 42" tall upper cabinets that will go all the way to the top of her 8' ceilings... this will cost more.  As per the list below:


- 27 Linear Feet x 112 Linear Foot = Min. Approx. Cabinet Cost of $3024 (+ tax if applicable)

Janet knows she want's some additional features in her kitchen.  She really wants crown moulding, a pantry cabinet, decorative end panels, and maybe a wine rack.  She knows this will cost more, but doesn't know exactly how much.  They have set a cabinet budget of $5,500 and will need a little help from here.  They send us their measurements and a basic drawing of their kitchen.  We do a Free Kitchen Design and include features important to Janet and Frank within their cabinet budget.  They now know exactly how much their dream kitchen will cost and can even see it in the photo-realistic rendering.  There is no guessing, they know exactly how their kitchen will look with their chosen cabinets.

You Can Calculate Your Kitchen Too!

  1. Measure the Length of Wall Space that will Include Cabinets - Don't Forget to Add for Kitchen Islands

  2. Find Your Selected Cabinet Style - Pricing Examples Below

  3. Take Your Wall Measurement in Feet and Multiply by the Price per Foot = Your Basic Kitchen Price Estimate

  4. Send Us Your Measurements for a Free Kitchen Design and Exact Price

You can use this method for any cabinet with 10x10 pricing.  There are 20 linear feet in a 10x10 kitchen.  Simply divide your 10x10 kitchen price by 20!  Example: A Basic 10x10 Kitchen Starting at $3000 = has a Starting Price per Foot of  $150.


Please Note: While 10x10 Kitchen Pricing is an industry standard, not all cabinet companies and manufacturers calculate liner pricing the same way.  We believe linear pricing is best used as an estimating tool and may be inaccurate to compare the prices of different cabinets from different companies - stick with 10x10 pricing for this purpose.

Questions? Contact Us - We're Here to Help!



Kitchen Cabinet Estimate
A Husband and Wife are looking at their computer and estimating their kitchen cabinet price using 10x10 kitchen pricing and pro tips from Prefinished Cabinets.  They are happily calculating a kitchen budget to remodel their kitchen and install white shaker kitchen cabinets.


Pro Tips for Comparing Kitchen Cabinet Pricing

Calculate Compare Budget

Starting Prices of Kitchen Cabinets per Linear Foot

Please Note: This is a Tool to Estimate a Simple Version of Your Kitchen.  Prices Will Not be Exact.

This Pricing Information Corresponds to Basic 10x10 Kitchen Pricing for Both Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets & Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets.  This Pricing Structure Accounts for the Most Basic Options Available on the 10x10 Cabinet List Mentioned Above with 30" Upper Wall Cabinets - Our Standard Wall Upper Cabinets are also available in 36" and 42" Height.  These Prices Do Not Account for Upgraded Cabinets Such as Pantry Cabinets, Lazy Susans, Multiple Drawer Bases, or Trim Details Like Crown Molding, Decorative End Panels, Wine Racks, Etc...  Prices Do Not Include Tax - If Applicable.  Prices are for Cabinets Only - Does not Include Appliances, Countertops, Backsplash, Sink, Faucet, or Cabinet Pulls.  This is Simply a Starting Point Tool to Help You Estimate and Compare to Your Kitchen Cabinet Budget.

$2,000 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $100 / Linear Ft.

$2,500 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $125 / Linear Ft.

$3,000 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $150 / Linear Ft.

$3,500 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $175 / Linear Ft.

$4,000 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $200 / Linear Ft.

$4,500 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $225 / Linear Ft.

$5,000 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $250 / Linear Ft.

$5,500 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $275 / Linear Ft.

$6,000 - 10x10 Kitchen Price = $300 / Linear Ft.

$6,500 10x10 Kitchen Price = $325 / Linear Ft.


Pro Tips to Consider When Comparing 10x10 Kitchen Pricing

I'm Not Going to Lie, Kitchen Cabinet Pricing is a Complicated Topic, but with Good Reason.  With Each Kitchen Cabinet Style having So Many Different Individual Cabinet Types and Sizes Available, There Just Isn't a Simple Fix... You Really Have to Crunch the Numbers to Learn What You Need to Know.  But Don't Crunch Those Numbers Just Yet.  There are a Few Super Important Considerations I Want You to Take Into Account About 10x10 Kitchen Pricing.  They Are Definitely Worth Noting.

Not All Manufacturers and Retailers are Using the Same Basic Kitchen Cabinet Item List!
What?  You've Got to be Kidding... Right?  It's OK, Don't Worry.  Many Times, This is Simply Because One Manufacturer Does Not Have the Exact Size Cabinet Specified on the List.  They May Not Offer a Particular Cabinet Size or Type but Have Instead Substituted a Different Cabinets to Fit in the Space to Make the Closest Possible Configuration to the Same Size Kitchen.  Not a Deal Breaker, but Something to Keep Your Eye On.

Shipping Costs May Be Included in the 10x10 Kitchen Price
Many Companies Know that it is Very Difficult for a Consumer to Calculate Their Cabinet Cost then Have to Add Shipping On Top.  Most Consumers Want the Ability to Know How Much Their Total Order Will Cost Including Shipping Charges.  Playing the Shipping Cost Guessing Game can be Frightening, Especially for Large Heavy Items that Must be Delivered via Freight Carrier.  When You Compare 10x10 Kitchen Pricing, Consider the Following:

  1. Am I Placing a Large or Small Cabinet Order

  2. Does This Cabinet Style Offer Free Shipping

  3. What is the Minimum Purchase Amount to Qualify for Free Shipping

  4. How Long Will it Take to Get This Cabinet Style


When Comparing Free Shipping Offers, Keep In Mind, The Offer Can Vary from One Style to the Next.  PREFINISHED CABINETS Offers Some Cabinets that Ship Free with No Minimum Cabinet Order While Others Require a Minimum Purchase.  This is Because Different Wholesale Manufacturers Offer Built-In Shipping, Built-In Shipping with a Minimum Order, or No Shipping Included Price Points.  Whenever Possible, We Pass  Free Shipping Offers Along to Our Clients.  It Really is Easier for Everyone.  Just be Sure When You Compare 10x10 Pricing That You Factor In Your Shipping Charges - Especially if You Only Need One Item or a Very Small Kitchen.

10x10 Kitchen Pricing Is Used For RTA & Assembled Cabinets
Ready to Assemble Cabinets are Less Expensive Than Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets.  And When You Compare Prices Between the Two, You Should Think About What That Really Means.  You Obviously Save Money When You Assemble Cabinets Yourself.  You MAY Save Time Ordering Assembled Cabinets, But This Really Depends on Manufacturer Lead Times vs. Your Cabinet Assembly Speed.  Quality Should Not be a Factor for This Conversation if Purchasing Through PREFINISHED CABINETS.  All of Our RTA or Assembled Cabinets are on a Pretty Even Playing Field.  When You are Comparing Only Top Quality Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Our Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets or Fully Assembled Cabinets are Going to be a Fantastic Choice for Strength, Durability & Longevity.

Remember Earlier When I Mentioned Free Shipping?  Let's Circle Back... Our Standard 10x10 Price Has Some Form of Free Shipping Built In - Minimum Order vs No Minimum Order.  However, Most People Don't Think About Shipping Space Required to Transport Their Cabinet Order.  When You Are Comparing RTA vs Assembled Cabinets, Think About Space.  An Average Size Kitchen Cabinet Order for RTA Cabinets Ships Flat-Packed on a Couple of Pallets.  An Assembled Order for the Same Size Kitchen Will Be Placed on Multiple Pallets and Take Up Much More Space In the Truck.  When Comparing the Price Difference for RTA vs. Assembled, The Larger Footprint of Your Assembled Cabinet Order is Factored  Into Your Price - Larger Footprint = Larger Shipping Fees.  Just Remember, If You Won't be Installing Your Cabinets Right Away, Do You Have Room for Fully Assembled Cabinets or Could You Benefit from Flat-Packed Cabinets that Can be Easily Stored Until You Are Ready?

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