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Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Requests for Prefab Cabinets

Do you think that prefab cabinets are just simple, plain, and boring? A few decades ago, this was pretty accurate. Prefab cabinets were a functional, plain Jane option that would simply get the job done. Many people think the only way to get an upgraded look is to go with custom cabinets, but you may be surprised at the range of styles that can be accomplished with prefab cabinets. With the right hardware, door style, and a great designer, you can create some amazing kitchen designs that will wow your guests and turn your kitchen into the talk of the town. With standard features that now include full overlay doors, soft-close doors & drawers, and a multitude of cabinet components to customize most any kitchen, many people see modern day prefab cabinets and assume they are looking at a custom kitchen. Check out our top five kitchen cabinet upgrade requests and see what prefabricated cabinets can do for you at a fraction of the cost.

Check out our top five kitchen cabinet upgrade requests and see what prefabricated cabinets can do for you at a fraction of the cost.

1. Base Spice Pull-Out Cabinet

Base Spice Cabinets, also known as Pantry Pull-Out Cabinets, are a fantastic way to add organization for spices or other small cooking essentials. These cabinets provide easy visibility for all of their contents when the cabinet is pulled open. When the cabinet is pushed closed, it can contribute to the aesthetic of your design. Most prefab cabinets will have a Pull-Out Spice Cabinet available in a 9 inch wide size. Some people love the look of flanking their range with one on either side for double the storage. Alternately, consider placing a 9" wide base cabinet to the opposite side of your range to store baking sheets, pizza pans, or cutting boards.

While 9" wide is the standard option offered for most cabinet styles, some styles will offer additional sizes including 6" wide or 12" wide. If you have your heart set on one of these additional sizes, but it is not offered with your preferred cabinet style, just let your designer know so they can incorporate the correct cabinet size for installation of an aftermarket Spice Rack Assembly. Your designer will be able to help you locate any aftermarket components and plan for them in your design.

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2. Trash Can Pull-Out Cabinet

It should come as no surprise, trash is ugly. Many of our clients have simply decided they don't want to look at it anymore. We can't blame them. Trash Cabinets are a simple, beautiful, and space saving solution. Most cabinet styles will have a Trash Assembly option that can be added to your cabinet order. A few styles offer a cabinet that comes complete with this accessory included. Either way, just know that the standard size pull-out available with your cabinets is likely to fit an 18" wide base cabinet. There are tons of additional sizes and styles available as an aftermarket accessory (double cans, single cans, options for narrow spaces, tall cans that require a full height door cabinet), so if the standard 18" wide option just doesn't work for you, let your designer know. We can help you find the perfect aftermarket trash pull-out accessory and plan for the corresponding cabinet size in your design.

Pro Tip: Although you can use some Pull-Out Trash Cans in a double cabinet (with 2 doors), you should really think about what you will be storing in the cabinet with your trash. This is hardly the place to store your baking dishes or pots & pans. Trash cabinets that are completely designated for trash only is by far the simplest and cleanest option.


3. Built-In Refrigerator Designs

Tired of looking at the side of your refrigerator? So are we! By far, the simplest most cost effective upgrade that elevates the style of your kitchen is to build in your fridge. A few extra prefab parts and pieces will take your kitchen design from 'starter home' to 'custom home' in no time. There are plenty of options to create a built-in fridge design, and the size and shape of your kitchen may be a determining factor. Rest assured, we've got your fridge covered. With a large selection of cabinet sizes, types, and finished panels, we can dress your fridge for kitchen success. If you would like to read more about Built-In Refrigerator Designs, take a look at the following article - How to Create a Built-In Fridge Using Prefab Kitchen Cabinets - Cheap & Easy Kitchen Design Upgrade

By far, the simplest most cost effective upgrade that elevates the style of your kitchen is to build in your fridge.


4. Glass Door Cabinets

Glass door cabinets can instantly upgrade standard prefab cabinets without breaking the bank. They can easily create a high-end look with display area to showcase dishes, glassware, and other items, while still keeping them stored behind closed doors. Not only do they add a stylish touch to any kitchen, but they also help protect items from dust and dirt. If you're not a fan of constantly dusting your kitchen items, glass door cabinets are far superior to open shelving, especially if you have pets.

If you're considering investing in glass door cabinets, just know that it's not necessary to add glass doors to all of your wall cabinets. Often times, just a cabinet or two can transform the look of your kitchen. Be sure to let your designer know that you would like to incorporate glass doors into part of your kitchen. If you know exactly where you would like them, great! If not, your designer will be happy to make suggestions for the ideal location. You may want to showcase your hand painted dishes, but you probably wouldn't want to have your plastic leftover containers on display... location, location, location.

When considering glass doors, you can greatly benefit from planning ahead. Some cabinet styles will offer glass doors as an add-on while other styles may allow you to purchase the entire cabinet that already includes glass doors. Either way, these glass door cabinets are likely to be available in select sizes. Other cabinets styles may offer to prepare your doors for glass before they are shipped. This will allow you to install locally sourced glass on site during your cabinet installation. Your designer will be able to give you additional information about the glass door options that are available and steer you towards the cabinet style that offers the best glass door options for you and your unique kitchen.


5. Double Stacked Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

We were floored when we realized how many clients were requesting Double Stacked Kitchen Designs. Almost half! Even if someone didn't initially request this design style, sure enough, we'd get the request a few days later (probably after they found some kitchen inspiration while browsing our website or looking at Pinterest). This design concept has become a very common trend in kitchens of all shapes and sizes. We've stacked cabinets in kitchens ranging from 8 feet tall to 11 feet tall. Sometimes the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. (I really want to add in a sliding library ladder just for fun.) So if you've fallen in love with the idea of a stacked cabinet design in your kitchen, you're in good company.

computers do not automatically design kitchens for us... Kitchens are designed by experienced people using design software

If you're planning to stack your cabinets, trust me, your designer would love to know this in advance (it's not a deal breaker if they don't, it may just slow down the design process a bit). If you're wondering why, it's because stacked cabinet designs using prefab cabinets can be pretty tricky and sometimes require a little extra time and brain power. This is due to the limited sizes available for the shorter stacking cabinets. (That's right, in case you didn't know, computers do not automatically design kitchens for us... Kitchens are designed by experienced people using design software.)

It is absolutely possible to design your stacked kitchen cabinet layout using only prefab cabinets, just give your designer a little extra time to see what works best for your space. Your designer may recommend particular cabinet styles that have the available sizes that your kitchen design requires. It is oftentimes necessary to make layout adjustments to fit the cabinets. Patience and an open mind will result in a beautiful and affordable stacked prefab kitchen cabinet layout that will be totally Pinterest worthy. If you'd like a more in depth take on stacking kitchen cabinets on a budget, take a look at the following... Designing a Kitchen with Cabinets that Fit Your Budget


These top five prefab cabinet design upgrade options are really just the tip of the iceberg. If you've got a design idea, contact us and work with one of our experienced designers. Your design options are almost limitless. You may be surprised at how easily you can create the kitchen of your dreams using only prefab cabinets. Your wallet will thank you!

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