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When Style Matters: Selecting Cabinets to Fit Your Home

Signature White | Versatile Transitional Cabinet Style

Pictured: Signature White | Prefinished Cabinets - White Kitchen Cabinets in Transitional Style

From Modern Cabinets to Traditional Cabinets, and everything in-between, cabinet style is a very personal choice. Then you factor in door styles, wood grains, and color options... Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

What I really want to do here is give you some sound advice for selecting your cabinets, and I want to start by asking you a question. Are these cabinets for a home you will live in forever?

If this home is always going to be yours, then follow your heart. However, if there is a chance that you are going to sell this home, I would like to give you some tips to save you from the "wrong cabinet choice."

First, we need to look at the overall style and feel of your home. A kitchen is not a stand-alone item; it is part of your whole home, and it needs to fit it. You wouldn't want to put in super modern cabinetry in a traditionally styled home. Look at all of the elements of your home including doors, windows, trim details and molding types. If you are only changing cabinets, it is important to pick a cabinet style that will merge well with all of the existing elements of your home. If you are making several changes, then select new materials and cabinets that look great together. When selecting cabinets, be careful about cabinets that are super trendy. Cabinet styles change frequently, and what is in-style today may not be in style 5 years from now when you decide to sell.

We are often asked about popular cabinet styles when people are preparing to sell a property. Everyone knows that a beautifully designed kitchen can be a property's major selling point, so it is important to pick your cabinets carefully. Currently, white kitchen cabinets are very on-trend. This current trend crosses all styles of kitchens including country, traditional, transitional, and modern.

If you have a country style house or traditional house, you can't go wrong with a classic raised panel cabinet in white (see Classic White). If you have a very modern home, select a euro style or shaker cabinet (see White Shaker).

Now, if you have a house that's not too traditional and not too modern, or you are wanting to appeal to a more contemporary style, let me point you in the direction of a transitional cabinet. Transitional cabinets can appeal to a wide variety of people and trends. Our most popular transitional cabinet is our Signature White. The Signature White cabinet has a recessed door panel and a subtle molding detail that softens the look of the cabinet without being too fussy. If you love shaker cabinets, but your house doesn't quite lend it self to the modern feel that a shaker brings, take a look at these cabinets instead. They can be dressed up or down with door hardware, matching crown molding and decor pieces. If you are looking to sell, these kitchen cabinets have a universal appeal.

Need some help deciding? Take advantage of our Free Kitchen Design. Be sure to send us some pictures that show the style of your house and we will be happy to make some suggestions and point you in the right direction. We will send you a photo-realistic rendering of your exact kitchen. You will be able to see your kitchen before you buy!


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