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Kitchen Cabinet Spotlight: Sonoma Light Grey Shaker | Includes Free Kitchen Style Board

Discover the Timeless Allure of Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Step into a realm of enduring sophistication and subtle warmth with our Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets. Featuring the beloved Shaker design, these cabinets are adorned in a light, warm grey painted finish that strikes the perfect balance, offering versatility to harmonize with a spectrum of color palettes. Whether you envision a cozy coastal kitchen, a rustic farmhouse haven, or a classic space with a touch of contemporary flair, these cabinets effortlessly adapt and elevate any kitchen. Their traditional charm and adaptable appeal make them the ideal choice for homeowners seeking an infusion of timeless elegance and cozy versatility.

From Relaxed to Refined: Embrace Versatility in Your Design

The allure of the Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets transcends their elegant design; it's their remarkable versatility that truly stands out. These cabinets possess a special quality – they effortlessly adapt to any setting, whether it's a relaxed, laid-back kitchen or a more refined and elegant culinary space. Whether your heart longs for a cozy, inviting ambiance or a hint of modern sophistication, these cabinets serve as a blank canvas, ready to transform your design aspirations into reality.

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Revealing the Details: Cabinet Construction

The Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the use of premium materials, ensuring not just timeless aesthetics but also impeccable functionality. Explore the essential specifications that define these remarkable cabinets:

Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Sample Door & Drawer Front
Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Cabinet Door Sample
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Boxes

  • Solid Wood Cabinet Face Frame

  • Dovetail Drawer Construction

  • Undermount, Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Glides

  • Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Soft Close Door Hinges

  • Durable Painted Finish with Matching Sides

  • Interior Finish Matches Cabinet Exterior

  • Express Lead Times - Can Ship in 3 Days

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Solid Craftsmanship: Don't underestimate the integrity of prefab cabinets; our Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are built with the same unwavering commitment to detail as premium custom options. Featuring solid plywood cabinet boxes and solid wood face frames, these cabinets offer unparalleled strength, durability, and longevity. Free from any trace of particleboard, they provide a robust and enduring foundation for your kitchen, ensuring it remains timeless and capable of supporting even the weight of substantial granite countertops.

Wood Door Construction: Our cabinet doors feature solid birch construction in a 5-piece design, ensuring lasting quality. To maintain stability and prevent issues with expansion and contraction, an MDF center panel is utilized -- an industry-standard choice. These doors are finished with a factory-applied paint for a smooth and durable surface, complemented by the convenience of standard Soft Close features.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind the quality and durability of our cabinets with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It's a testament to our commitment to excellence. Rest easy knowing that your investment is safeguarded, providing the assurance you deserve in your cabinet choice.


Transitional Coastal Elegance Kitchen Design: Sonoma Light Grey Shaker

Step into a coastal haven where indoor and outdoor living seamlessly blend, creating an open and airy atmosphere illuminated by abundant natural light. Through large windows, you're greeted by picturesque views of a coastal neighborhood, adding to the charm and tranquility of the space. A natural greenery selection complements the kitchen, weaving a tapestry of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. The absence of upper cabinets accentuates the captivating view, allowing the kitchen to feel like a natural extension of the coastal landscape, where culinary delights and serene surroundings unite in harmony.

At the heart of this coastal kitchen, a spacious center island beckons with seating for three. Light brown leather-style woven barstools offer a touch of casual elegance while providing the perfect perch to enjoy morning coffee or engage in lively conversations. Across from the range, a smaller bar sink enhances the functionality of the island, ensuring that culinary tasks are a breeze, even in the midst of entertaining.

On the range wall, tall cabinets gracefully reach to the ceiling, offering ample storage space to keep the kitchen uncluttered and organized. Customized features constructed from the prefinished components offered by the Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Collection, further elevating the design and charm of the space. Polished Chrome hardware and faucets gleam, complementing the stainless steel appliances and adding a touch of sophistication that harmonizes perfectly with the exposed decorative Edison lights.

Tying the entire design together, the cabinets are crowned with bright white marble-style quartz countertops and backsplash. This choice not only enhances the coastal aesthetic but also ensures durability and easy maintenance, far surpassing the demands of traditional marble. It's a kitchen that effortlessly marries style and functionality, inviting you to savor both culinary delights and the tranquility of coastal living.

Create this Transitional Coastal Look in Your Own Kitchen

Cabinet Style

Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets - Embrace the design versatility of Light Grey Painted Shakers, a perfect fusion of sophistication and adaptability. With their alluring warm grey painted finish, these cabinets effortlessly harmonize with a diverse array of kitchen designs. They offer the freedom to elevate or tone down your kitchen's style to your liking, making them an ideal fit for almost any design. Your kitchen will reflect your unique taste with ease.


White Quartz Countertop - A marble style quartz countertop is a classic-meets-modern choice that effortlessly complements a variety of kitchen designs. Its enduring beauty and durability make it the perfect selection for both traditional and contemporary kitchens, ensuring it stands the test of time while adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary space. Countertops are heavy and difficult to ship; we recommend sourcing your countertops locally.

Cabinet Hardware

Polished Chrome - Opt for hardware in a polished chrome finish to seamlessly coordinate with faucets and the shiny aspects of clear Edison bulb light fixtures. Whenever possible, it's preferable for faucets and cabinet hardware to match. This hardware choice effortlessly complements your kitchen's transitional elegance while adding to the overall aesthetic of your coastal culinary oasis.

Wall Color Suggestions

Soft White - Choose a wall color that seamlessly transitions with your your white countertops and backsplash. A coordinating wall color will unite the space and can make you kitchen feel expansive. A great color may be Benjamin Moore White Dove, but we recommend coordinating your wall color with your unique countertop.

Pro Tip: Harness the Magic of Light - Your kitchen's appearance can change dramatically with different lighting. Warm Edison bulbs (around 2200K to 2700K) create a cozy, nostalgic glow in the evenings. However, in the daytime, natural light will reveal your cabinet and paint colors as they truly are. Consider experimenting with lighting colors to find the perfect hue that complements your space, as the kitchen's ambiance shifts from day to night.

Trim Color Suggestion

Light Grey - Sherwin-Williams Repose Grey is a light grey trim color that will distinctly set itself apart from both the cabinet and the wall color in your kitchen. This contrasting choice adds depth to your space, emphasizing an elegant separation between the trim and walls. Aim for a sheen between Satin and Glossy for easy maintenance and a polished finish. If you prefer a trim color that will more closely resemble your cabinets, try Sherwin Williams Dorian Grey (for an exact match, have your cabinets color matched by a reputable paint specialty store).


Fairmont SPC Waterproof Flooring - Consider choosing Fairmont SPC Waterproof Flooring or similar shades to infuse your kitchen with a sense of warmth and natural charm. This resilient and waterproof flooring option guarantees both style and functionality for your bustling kitchen area.

Download Your Free Kitchen Style Board | Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Transitional Coastal Elegance Mood Board

Kitchen Design Mood Board for Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets - Transitional Coastal Kitchen Style with Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, White Countertops, Polished Chrome Hardware, Wood Tone Flooring, and Grey & White Paint Scheme
Sonoma Light Grey Shaker Transitional Coastal Elegance Kitchen Mood Board - Free Download

Elevate Your Kitchen with a Complimentary Kitchen Design

Are you ready to bring your dream kitchen to life? Our team of expert designers is excited to assist you in crafting a space that reflects your unique style and fulfills your practical requirements. From crafting a tailored cabinet layout to aiding you in selecting the perfect flooring, hardware, and countertop shades, our designers are dedicated partners throughout the journey.

Request your Free Kitchen Design, and envision your kitchen's potential with a complimentary 3D rendering. Explore various paint colors, hardware selections, and countertop hues in the rendering to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. Our professionals will guide you at every turn, ensuring that your kitchen renovation or new construction project is a seamless and enjoyable experience. Let's collaborate to create a kitchen that becomes the heart of your home.



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