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Prefab Cabinets vs. Custom Cabinets

Are Custom Cabinets Better Than Prefab Cabinets?

This is a tricky question, and 20 years ago, custom cabinets may have been far superior to prefab. Prefabricated cabinets have come a long way in the past 20 years. I am going to venture to say that the average individual could look at the properly installed prefab cabinets of today, and very likely not know they are prefabricated... in fact, they may even believe them to be custom.

Why is this? Well, with our experience as general contractors, many of our clients tell us they want custom cabinets, but we always dig a little deeper. When we ask them why they like custom cabinets, we always get the same answers:

  • Quality Construction

  • Solid Wood Cabinets

  • No Particleboard

  • Perfect Fit

  • Soft Close Doors & Drawers

  • Custom Features (Wine Racks, Trash Can Drawers, Crown Molding,

Unfortunately, with the decline of skilled labor including Custom Cabinet Makers, we were finding it harder and harder to get quality custom cabinets. The price went up, but the quality went down. We have seen many "Custom Cabinet Jobs" recently... we have even applied finish to a few (stain & paint). While some of these cabinets were technically custom, the craftsmanship that you would expect was lacking. We found trim pieces that did not line up properly in corners, rough surfaces, and cheap hinges. We have even seen people save money on custom cabinets by having the cabinet boxes constructed with MDF/particleboard. Really?? This can't be the best option!

We had to find a solution for our clients... and that's how Prefinished Cabinets was formed. We became a dealer for Quality Wood Cabinets that had Available features our clients were looking for. That's right... We have many available cabinets with quality features including All Plywood Boxes, Solid Wood Cabinet Faces, Solid Wood Door Frames & Drawer Fronts, Soft Close Features, Custom Features (Wine Racks, Trash Can Drawers, Crown Molding, Decorative Add-Ons), and the ability to create the perfect fit within your space.

As our name implies, our cabinets are all "Prefinished" inside & out, top & bottom, left & right. If you've been cabinet shopping, you won't find completely finished cabinets in the big box stores, and many custom cabinets are not finished at all (this would have to be done on site after installation - another time consuming mess and more time without your kitchen).

We have been asked, "How are you going to get a precise fit with prefab cabinets?" Easy... We have cabinets ranging in size from 9" to 60" (available in 3" increments in between). We select the correct combination of cabinets and filler pieces for your precise wall length and height to create the look of custom cabinets for much less. Additionally, you can tell us what special or decorative features you are looking for, and we can include them. We use design software (2020 Design) to input your exact kitchen measurements and create a photo-realistic rendering of your kitchen with your selected cabinets. This way, you will be able to see your kitchen before you buy cabinets. We are available to walk you through this entire process... you will never have to guess which cabinets you need.

Prefinished Cabinets offers a FREE Design Service - Just send us your measurements! We would love to work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.


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